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Have a customized PC built just for you and your needs today. From the low-end, just get it done desktops to the high-end gaming machine, let us build your perfect computer. Prices as low as $449. We can preload the operating system of your choice, including the new Windows 7. We can also build you a PC with no operating system, if you prefer. Contact us today at info@lowcostgeeks.com or call 713 449-GEEK (4335).

If you want a system so high end that no major manufacturer will build it for you, call us. We can build you a super high-end workstation for the most intense animation or CAD design work. Or, if you just want to have the best performing game rig on the block, we can do that too.

Top 5 Reasons to Build Your Own PC:

  1. Upgradability. Name-brand manufacturers build their PC’s to be used as they were originally built. What if you want to upgrade RAM, hard drives, motherboard, or video card to run latest operating systems or play the latest games? All types of compatibility issues arise, from space inside the box to hardware driver conflicts. By building a PC to your specs, you can plan for the future and allow easy upgrading when the need arises (and it will arise at some point).
  2. No Proprietary Parts. Many manufacturers use cheap parts made especially for them. If a part goes out, you better still have a warranty. Many times the only place you can get a compatible part is from the original manufacturer. These parts are cheap to begin with, but the company charges you obscene amounts of money to replace it. Name-brand, custom-selected parts can easily be replaced by any similar part of any brand. We only use top-of-the-line parts for our builds, and we offer a standard 1 year warranty.
  3. Operating System Choice and Compatibility. Windows 7 now available on all custom builds or choose the operating system of your preference, including none at all.
  4. No Bloatware. What is Bloatware? It is the trial software that comes preloaded on your factory PC that you never wanted in the first place. These programs steal system resources and seriously degrade system performance, just ask anyone who has ever used a completely clean installation of Windows. In some cases, these offers and trials can even deceive a user into signing up for a pay service that he or she does not need or want. Software makers know this and that is why they are willing to pay PC manufacturers to pre-install their trial software. Don’t be forced into software you don’t want any longer.
  5. Customization. You have unlimited options for style, quality, performance, and features. Pay for exactly what you want and not for anything else. The coolest bells and whistles might look really attractive, but if you have no use for them, there is no added value. You can get a much better quality machine for your dollar if you only pay for the features you want. Manufacturers can only pre-build so many different PC’s so they pick the most common features and throw them together in a few different configurations, leaving the consumer with limited options. Take your options back today. This is your computer, and you can have it exactly the way you want it.

Extended warranty options are available for up to 3 years from the date of purchase.