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Managed Devices for home users

IT support for individuals and their families.

The most recent worldwide cyber attack called WannaCry was complete avoidable for users whose Microsoft operating system was patched and up to date. The damage could have also been mitigated by having a backup solution in place. Some of the more advanced firewalls were able to actively block the WannaCry virus. So why did spread so quickly with such devastating effects?

With the increasing dangers in the cyber world and businesses in every industry and every size investing in IT infrastructure and security, where does that leave you and your family? You can’t afford to have business class security and maintenance practices, teams to manage the environment, or a help desk team to call if something goes wrong or you need help….. Or can you?

We can provide you and your family with those business class services and technologies for a price that you can afford. Your company protects you at the office. Let us help protect you and your family at home.

Services we offer (starting at $20 a month per device):

Firewall/router/wireless configuration, management and monitoring

Computer management and monitoring

  • Operating system updates and patching
  • Included anti-virus centrally monitored, managed and updated
  • Monitoring and alerting on system errors and events
  • Preventative maintenance

Managed backups with fully tested restore functionality

ISP management (we will work with them when you have an internet outage)

Mobile device management (smartphones and tablets)

Support desk you can call for help – remote support included